Install eEX Network library


1-Which kind of operating system is suitable to install this application, Actually i haven't found the ways to help how to install the software on a operating system. could you help please.

2- where must i search to find step by step guid to help how the elements of the applications runs.


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I already replied to your mail, but it seems your mailserver denied my mail address:

NetLab can be used on Windows, Linux or MAC.
The only requirement is that you run it as Administrator and that you have WinPcap (or libpcap for Linux/Mac) installed.

To start using the software on windows, simply download the installer from https://eex.codeplex.com/releases/view/65094 and open it with a double click.

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You can find basic How-To articles and component documentations here: http://network.eex-dev.net/index.php?id=64
Furthermore, here is a article on WAN-emullation: http://service.eex-dev.net/index.php?id=102

Please use the discussions section next time (https://eex.codeplex.com/discussions), do not open an issue for questions.

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