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The Network Library

The eEx Network Library enables Programmers to access lower network layers very easily and to analyze, create and change network traffic by writing their own C# programs which use the Network Library.

The Network Library lies below and the Network Library Management Layer and is the core of the NetLab (Lern more about the layer model).

When combining the Network Library and the NLML, it is possible to write powerful tools with flexible UIs, which can load plug-ins dynamically.

Features of the Network Library

  • Protocol Parsing - Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, DHCP, OSPF, RIP, DNS, HTTP, ICMPv4, ICMPv6
  • Sockets - Which bind on foreign addresses and can hijack TCP/IP connections
  • Networking Tasks - DHCP Server, Loggers, Routing, RIP, NAT and much more
  • WAN Emulation - WAN simulation with packet loss, duplicate, bit errors and so on between to interfaces
  • Injection and Sniffing - At layer 2, with WinPcap or LibPcap
  • Extensibility - Implement your own Traffic Handlers with ease
  • HTTP - Monitoring and payload on the fly modification
  • Attacks - Proof-of-Concept - ARP poisoning, DHCP spoofing, DNS on-the-fly spoofing
  • Scanning - Passive scanning, ARP scanning

Further Reading

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