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The eExNLML.Extensibility.HandlerDefinition Class

Handler definitions implement the Interface eExNLML.Extensibility.IHandlerDefinition, which implements the Interface IPlugin and are responsible for instantiating HandlerControllers on demand and providing information about the plug-in.

In short, handler definitions are plug-ins which instantiate handler controllers which wrap Traffic Handlers into a management class.

General Operation

When loading a PlugIn from a assembly, which declares itself as HandlerDefinition, the NLML Compilation checks the type of the plug-in against the type of eExNLML.Extensibility.IHandlerDefinition. If the types match, the plug-in is registered into the compilation.

When a file is loaded which contains the handler defined in this definition, or a handler is instantiated from this definition, the definition spawns a HandlerController which is inserted into the compilation.


The Interface Definition

The eExNLML.Extensibility.IInterfaceDefinition is a special interface for creating handler definitions which define network interfaces. It includes the NetworkInterfaceType and the System GUID of the interface.

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