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The eExNLML.Extensibility.HandlerController class

Handler controllers implement the Interface eExNLML.Extensibility.IHandlerController and are responsible for managing Traffic Handlers on NLML layer. The handler controller wraps the Traffic Handler's linking capabilities into TrafficHandlerPorts. Furthermore, this class manages saving and loading of the TrafficHandlers properties and configuration.

Handler controllers are in general created by the given HandlerDefinition.

General Operation

Handler controllers provide various methods for managing handlers, and methods to provide default settings and ports. There are also some methods which must be implemented by a deriving class, which are responsible for creating configuration loaders and writers, custom port information or the handler itself.

All methods which create something are called once, when the controller is created. A controller is created every time the user gives the command to instantiate a new handler.

Handler controllers also provide information about the ports of a Traffic Handler, since on NLML layer, traffic handlers are linked via ports. When a port signals an attach or detach event from another port, the controller checks if the call is valid and applies the action.

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